Bow Hunting Chief (Android)

Bow Hunting Chief is another popular game recently launched by GlobusGames. It’s an outstanding game with lots of integrated features to bring out the expert “marksmen” in you.

Play Bow Hunting Chief and take down as many of the bird targets as you can in the limited time and arrows provided. Ensure your accuracy to get the best, highest possible score. Touch the screen properly to aim for close targets as well as for distant targets. Touch the screen to draw your bow. Release your finger from the screen to release an arrow and make a precise shot with your bow. So, are you ready for this bow hunting chief challenge?

It’s a really amazing hunting game, in which your main goal is to shoot the birds flying on your smartphone screen and attain the target score for next thrilling levels. Just direct your arrow at the target bird and release finger to set off the arrow. But in this game, limited arrows are given, so you have to fire off as many birds as you can with the given limited arrows. Try your best to shoot more number of birds to accomplish your target score, if you fail to achieve the target bird number, you will eventually lose your chances for playing the next exciting level. As you jump to the next level, you’ll get more target and bird will fly a bit faster turning this game more exciting and thrilling.

Game Features:

  •         Free Game to play
  •         Compatible with all Android phones
  •         Beautiful Graphics
  •         Unique and interesting levels
  •         Amazing background
  •         50 Levels
  •         Facebook Integrated
  •         And much more!


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