Dart Wheel Chief (iOS)

Have you ever played bull’s eye? Have you ever been to any circus or to a magician’s show and saw him throwing knives at someone on a revolving? Do you know that now you can also do the same but with the darts while trying to get a bull’s eye! Now get ready to get the bad vibe you never felt while throwing the dart at the target on the spinning wheel, but be careful of harming the poor fellow tied on the wheel from being hit with the darts.


How to Play:

Pick your desired victim— skinny, fatty and new guy! Get him tied on the spinning wheel and focus at your bull’s eye on the spinning wheel. There are 40 different levels in this game, through which the direction, as well as the speed of the spinning wheel will keep on changing to offer a roller-coaster ride thrill.

You can compare your score with your Facebook friends, and give them a life for free!!! If you are running out of the life, you can buy life for $0.99 only anytime. There’s an automatic high score posting feature on Facebook timeline on beating the Facebook friends playing the game.

Tap on the screen for throwing darts at the targets. Remember, the more levels you accomplish, more fun it will be!

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