Space Debris Phantom (Android)

Space Debris:

Space debris, also popularly known as orbital debris, space waste and space junk, is the caboodle of archaic objects in orbit across the Earth. This includes spent rocket stages, old satellites and fragments from collisions, disintegration, and erosion.

Space Debris Phantom:

Fly into the fun with Phantom! Getting inspired and taking ideas of some highly viral games, a better game has been made “Space Debris Phantom”. Sundry ideas and features have been incorporated to give this game an entirely new look and game playing experience.


Story of Phantom:

Phantom is brought back to life again in 2050 and now he is no more a jungle protector! This time he is a die-hard astronaut. He has been charged to dig up and bring the planets to light that are beyond the reach of our solar system having the life. Phantom have to travel 500 light years and across the universe for accomplishing this task.

Sail across the ever changing world! Try and beat your high score every time! Perfect arcade game for the waiting room, at work, at home, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!!! 🙂 Don’t miss out on the Space Debris Phantom phenomenon! Play this improved, even better one touch phantom flying game!

Space Debris Phantom Strategy:

  •         Click or Touch the screen to make phantom (astronaut) fly!
  •         Navigate phantom through the debris!
  •         Challenge yourself to beat your high score every time you play!

Now assume you are Phantom and you have to do his task! You are a heroic die-hard astronaut flying through the continuous unfathomable universe strewn with huge asteroids, comets, meteors, dust, magnetic waves, rocks, smoke, dangerous rays and everything scary and spine-chilling you can imagine. You don’t know where you are and also you never know what can hit you any moment in the deep blue unfathomable sea full of stars.

Each time you touch the screen, the Phantom flies. You have to smartly pass by this space debris, helping phantom in reaching the planet “Nova”. Don’t make it fly too high or else it’ll die. This means you have to tap at the right moments to make the phantom go as far as you can!

Using some amazing power, you can propel yourself. This is the secret to beat the odds and maneuver swiftly passing all the hurdles and collecting the reward points on completion of every level.

Enjoy the experience! Share your journey with your friends, show them the new planets, new starts, and new galaxies.

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