The Coolest Racing Game of All Time Is Here: Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless racing comes back to you with racetracks that are dirtier, have more impressive power slides, graphics that are eye -popping plus has the selection of trucks as well as the car to the date.

Play the mode of the career that is loaded with at most 50 events in 6 varied seasons also the mode of arcade features 50 challenges, completing leaderboard online in the single event. Reckless racing 3 has the physics that is too detailed as well as with the complex graphics, offering you the smoothing experience of racing ever.


  • Undoubtedly, the finest power slides in the whole world.
  • 6 different environments with 36 routes.
  • 28 trucks as well as the car to select from.
  • Single, arcade and career modes of event games.
  • Race, hot lap, gymkhana and drift types of events.
  • More complex and detailed graphics as well as physics you have ever seen.
  • Touch controls that are customizable.
  • Support of full gamepad.
  • Google play as well as game center achievements and leaderboards.
  • Support of icloud.


The driving mode with the precision stunt, gymkhana, is the latest addition in the events of the race. It is the skill of true test for any seasoned race driver that features the special range of suped-up rally of cars.

Drift mode

Do you feel the necessity of skid in each and every corner of your ride? Well then, there are the mode of events for you. Points of the score of the drifts that are the awesome plus with high bonus for executing them effortlessly.

Reckless mash up

The starting grid that is mixed is reintroduced to every race, buggies vs pitching cars vs trucks in the reckless mash up. Are you wanting to go bigger by bulling the opponent’s, that are big quick as well as small? It is totally up to you, but you have to be aware of the driver of A.I that are infused with the extra dose for the reckless behavior.


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