The Top Mobile Gaming Trends Expected in 2015

The previous year has been a jammy year for the gaming industry, especially for mobile games. In the last few months, games have been shining like a star at the top grossing charts on both Android and iOS app marketplaces like the Google and Apple’s App store. Despite the growing success, it’s not as easy as it sounds to figure out the scenery of mobile gaming in 2015, as the gaming industry probably remains the most dynamic and disruptive in the modern hi-tech piece.

Here are some major trends that, as revealed by different experts in mobile gaming, will influence the gaming industry above all in 2015.



As per the research, mobile games are the most ROI generating apps, nowadays. The positiveness of the research can be confirmed if you have a closer look and dig the collection list of both App Store and Google Play in this manner and compare the gaming categories to other categories of mobile apps.


Based on App Annie Catalog: Marketplace Q3 2014 statement, the lion’s share of Google Play’s global income has been produced by gaming apps. In 2014, this trend continuing to persist, that resulted in the boost of games’ share in general revenue on Google Perform. The greatest income occurred in the US and Southern Korea, where online games accounted for nearly all REVENUE of the gaming platform.


This becomes more apparent whenever you consider the “Best of 2014″ checklist launched by Apple in previous months. 9 of top mobile apps throughout 2014 were games, and only one was a non-gaming app. Marketers study discloses that in 2014, games may provide approximately 75% of earnings about the App store. Large, isn’t it?

On an average, each time best selling mobile app games earned more than one million $ a day on the App Store.



Since the innovation of mobile games, it became an integral part of modern hip-hop culture, the so-called ‘depreciation of games’ began. An average customer no longer wants to invest a single penny at all to install the game. 90% of revenue generated by games on App Store this year came with the title as FREE-TO-PLAY such as if you make search as GlobuGames you’ll find all the games totally free and designed with the help of open source platform.

Research from Newzo published in Q3 of 2014 estimations the total income of mobile games business at $25-billion, $4 billion that will be acquired by Apple and $3 by Google. It’s astonishing, but most that income is pushed with a really small section of players. Just 2.2PERCENT of users actually spend in free-to-enjoy activities, and 46% of the sum total income originates from simply 0.22% of the number of mobile customers, Swerve reviews.



2014 was the entire year when huge gaming app marketers monopolized money moves from app areas. No surprise, there’s deficiencies in services in best graphs: 8 of top games were printed in 2013 or previously. In the same period, 80% of 1.2 million applications on the App Store got zero downloading at all.


Under these problems, small game developers strategy large marketers regarding advertising knowledge and marketing. This makes game developing business titans which used to concentrate exclusively on in-house activities start posting applications regarding third party game builders.  


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