UFO Fighting Game (iOS)

UFO is one of the simplest and easiest game from the list of all GlobusGames. In this game the main character is airplane fighter and enemies are Aliens, Grouped Aliens and MotherShip who fires on hero’s Jet Plane and hero protects his jet plane from the enemies.


The Game has amazing 10 levels. The points you’ll gain on the basis each level you complete the game. The points are scored by shooting aliens, Grouped aliens, and mothership. You will get 1 point when you’ll shoot one alien. Your game will over if you lose all your 3 lives. Each life have 5 strength points, each hit with make you to lose one point.


After completing the 10th level, the game will start from the level 1 but scores and count additional points, not start from 0. You can enable as well as disable Game Sound and Music From Options Menu.


How to Play

  • Download and install the game (Totally Free)
  • Click on tap to play to start the game
  • Select any levels from total 10 various levels
  • Tap anywhere and hit the aliens
  • Collect bonus to get more scores


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